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Coole Online Spiele

Kartenspielen: Phase Beweisen, was ihr drauf habt beim Schach. Metin2 katapultiert Sie in eine asiatische Fantasiewelt. In dem Online-Rollenspiel werden Sie in ein geheimnisvolles Reich voller exotischer Kampfkünste.

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Virtuell durch Amerika reisen bei Ticket To Ride. Battlet euch beim Quizduell. Strategen*innen zocken Risk. Euer Können unter Beweis stellen bei Siedler von Catan. Die Welt erobern beim Clash of Clans. Stadt, Land, Fluss zocken. Kartenspielen: Phase

Coole Online Spiele

Die Welt erobern beim Clash of Clans. Die besten Spiele auf einen Blick - Entdecke die coolsten Spiele aus unserem Angebot und triff auf jede Menge Action-, Abenteuer-, Spaß- & Sport-Spiele! Metin2 katapultiert Sie in eine asiatische Fantasiewelt. In dem Online-Rollenspiel werden Sie in ein geheimnisvolles Reich voller exotischer Kampfkünste.

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TOP 10 ► NEUE kostenlose Spiele 2020 - Free2play Games Coole Online Spiele Egal für welches Flash-Game du dich entscheidest, bei Coolespiele. Alle Spiele. Ladies and Gentlemen, please rev-up your engines! One mistake - and you're a goner! Jelly Survival. Every Online De Anbieter detail is accounted Spile Affede.

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15 coole Spiele für 2020, die noch fast niemand kennt Beweisen, was ihr drauf habt beim Schach. › online-games-zocken-mit-freunden. Die neusten und coolsten Spiele gesammelt auf einer Website! Bei uns findest du mehr als ! ist deine Plattform rund um Browsergames und Onlinespiele. Bei uns findest du Tausende an coolen Spielen für deinen Browser, aber auch für. Auf JetztSpielen findest du denn lustigsten kostenlosen Spiele für jung und alt. Mehr als Spiele gratis zu Spielen. This straight-forward cycling activity above all requires a very Free Slots 4u Cleopatra hand; Keeping your bike upright and balanced is the key to a crash-free ride. Good luck and have fun! Einige Spiele ermöglichen es dir, die Umgebung zu modifizieren und Lieblingsspiele Fahrzeug durch einfaches Drücken der Pfeiltasten auszubalancieren. There are even new types of bloons to deal with, so you need all the firepower you can get your hands on, to survive the onslaught! You to Crazy Slots Free Online police helicopter and complete two missions on time. Your ultimate target is to fly high enough, and beyond the atmosphere and multiple obstacles into the depths of outer space! Wir verwenden Cookies, um unseren Service ständig zu verbessern. Notwendig Notwendig. This lively and unique tower defense game requires good planning skills and offers hours of addicting entertainment!


Die App dafür findet ihr zum Beispiel hier. Download: Flyff - Fly for Fun. Real Cars In City. Steiniger Start für das neue Mass Effect Andromeda. Wie üblich erstellen Sie darin einen Charakter, den Sie mit Attributen wie etwa Stärke, oder Geschicklichkeit und Fertigkeiten versehen, und sich dann mit Ihm in verschiedene Abenteuer stürzen. Diese Artikel könnten dich interessieren. Download: Flyff - Fly for Fun. Tennis, Basketball und vieles mehr, alles kostenlos und direkt online im Browser. Goodgame Risiko Online Spielen Pogo. Feuer und Wasser 5 Elemente. Doodle Jump. Brot backen 2. Kostenlose Spiele ohne Nettellar gibt es bei uns für jeden Geschmack. Coole Online Spiele

Set in the Medieval time, it is your role to collect the diamonds that appear, whilst avoiding being hit by the balls, which are actually cannonballs!

As you can imagine, getting hit by one of these would leave more than a bruise! The margins for error are small, so make sure you are on your A game and you are up for a challenge!

Good luck and have fun! The aim of this game is to collect the diamonds within the grid, whilst dodging the cannonballs! You must be at your very best for this!

Your reaction skills will be severely put to the test, as these cannonballs do not go slow! Dance with the devil as you hop in and out of the squares and risk getting hit to collect a diamond!

Ensure you have fast fingers on the arrow keys so you can quickly move between the squares. Speed is the name of the game here!

Are you fast enough? Winter Race is an ice-cool car racing game, perfect for anyone looking for some fast-paced winter action, where you have to navigate your way around a super-slippy track at high speeds, competing against your opponent and trying to finish first!

This frost-filled high-octane adventure game requires expert tactical driving skills to cope with the grueling demands of these hazardous wintry conditions.

Time to get moving. Have fun! You are the green car. Your mission is to win the race and unlock the next tracks. Then you can go on to test your skills in even more demanding situations!

OK, race-time! Now, you really are on thin ice — your competitors have a bad attitude towards you and will do anything to knock you out of the race!

You need to beat them to the finish line by any means necessary! You can try and block or push them out of the way if you like - anything goes in this extreme ice race.

Be warned; the corners are treacherous - you need to take them with caution and then blast down the straights to make time!

There are 6 inhospitable and challenging tracks to get through. This icy winter adventure is endless hours of driving fun!

Have you experienced an amazing rollercoaster ride, and thought "I would love do this regularly"? Well, in Coaster Racer 2 , you can actually drive an awesomely fast race car and motorbike up and down a series of hair-raising rollercoasters that have been cleverly converted into high-speed race tracks!

Expanding on the high-octane action of the original Coaster Racer game, this cool sequel introduces new features such as a choice between driving in a powerful racing car or a souped-up bike!

This fast and furious Grand Prix-style arcade racing and rollercoaster mash-up game should be a very good fit for all of you daredevil thrill-seekers out there who need some PC kicks right now, or anyone who simply enjoys fun 1-player racing games against the computer but with a bit of a twist.

Fast reactions and reflexes, and fancy driving skills are extremely important here as corners approach pretty rapidly when you are careering downhill at an outrageous speed.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please rev-up your engines! Play the role of an endearing, floating ghost in a fun, interactive, and sweetly musical strategy-based action game!

Use supernatural ghost powers to spook party guests and force them out of your house in this cute, haunted house-themed challenge.

Haunt The House is an innovative RPG game where you must drive 30 party guests out of your house by frightening them with awesome ghostly superpowers!

You can float between rooms, take the form of pieces of furniture, and generally create spooky chaos which causes the party guests to flee the house in haste.

Skills required: This light-hearted, chain reaction-based arcade game requires sharp analytical thinking skills, good strategy, tactical planning, and smart decision making.

Fast keyboard control skills are essential as you whizz around the big house in ghost form. A willingness for trial and error is also important — Some guests may be frightened by moving tables, while others may get spooked by lights flashing on and off!

Ever wanted to customize your very own home-made rocket, and fly it into outer space? If so, then this is definitely a game for you to explore!

It's time to realize your ambition, and follow in the footsteps of the great space travel pioneers. Wonder Rocket is a repeat-play, online rocket maker Flash game for kids where you have to repeatedly launch a rocket into the air, flying as high as you can each time.

Your ultimate target is to fly high enough, and beyond the atmosphere and multiple obstacles into the depths of outer space! During each flight, you earn virtual income to improve your rocket from a simple floating craft, into a jet-fueled super spacecraft!

Collect Gold Coins and Diamond Jewels as you go along to purchase upgrades such as extra-power boosters, hull reinforcements, improved engines, increased flight control abilities, and more.

As you add these to your rocket, each flight brings you closer to completing the game! While you navigate around collecting floating Power-ups red Fuel Cans and green Repair Kits , be sure to avoid other flying obstacles such as balloons, helicopters, asteroids, and UFOs.

Your strategic decision making comes into play as you have to carefully choose which upgrades to purchase to improve your chances of blasting higher and higher.

Ready for blast off, Master Rocket Maker? Groundbreaking adventurers mostly do not set out on pioneering voyages for monetary gain or fame. They do so, for example, because of their immense desire to find new knowledge and things, or their unrelenting passion to succeed, or the pressure of having very high standards of self-achievement, or their earnest enthusiasm to simply feel the adrenaline "buzz".

Any income generated from a success is normally wholeheartedly re-invested into the next great attempt to explore unknown territory.

Now, here is your perhaps once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to team up with and assist a truly unique adventurer - Peter the emperor penguin. Learn To Fly is a highly entertaining, upgrade-based skill game where you have to slowly and methodically build a flying contraption with Peter in order to launch this inspirational little penguin through the air to travel as far as he can go!

Peter is a doggedly-determined young penguin with a real taste for the spectacular. Peter then plans to upload quality video footage of his pioneering flight adventures and achievements to Pentube as proof to scientists, and to educate mankind around the world of the amazing intelligence, bravery and ability of the snobbishly-underestimated penguin species, and also to inspire future generations of penguins to strive to achieve even greater flight distances in the decades ahead.

Combine awesome gliding mechanisms, rocket-fuelled propellers, and more specialized aeronautical equipment in order to turn this penguin from flightless flounderer into an undisputed Flight King among all recorded species!

Ok Penguin Launcher, the sky is literally the limit! Breaking The Bank is a hilarious stick figure movie and "choose your own destiny" RPG adventure game where you control the fortunes of the eccentric and hapless "Henry Stickman", a lovable and rather gullible character who has suddenly decided to break into a high security bank in the middle of the desert.

Your goal is to generate a favorable scenario that results in Henry making off with the loot! However, this is easier said than done as you find yourself repeatedly causing trouble for poor little Henry!

The upside is that each decision you make is followed by a very funny, light-hearted stickman sketch. G-Switch is a cool, free-running-inspired, solo and multi-player action game where you have to guide a fast-paced, acrobatic street runner at speed through a dangerous obstacle course.

In order to combat the challenging multi-tiered ledges and ravine drops, you have the advantage of utilizing one very unique skill — gravity alteration!

Also try out the awesome Multi-player mode with your friends and family, where up to 6 participants can compete in a chaotic survival dash!

Gravity — who needs it? Missile firing, base defense action with awesome upgrades and firepower! Defend Your Nuts is an aiming and accuracy-based tower defense game where you play the role of a sharp-shooting squirrel that must repel a marching army of ghouls intent on stealing your precious nuts!

Using accurate arrow and rocket fire, you must take down increasing numbers of ground-based and airborne baddies before they break your defenses and make off with your vital goodies needed for the cold winter months!

Skills required: In this dynamic and interactive, multi-level strategy and upgrade game, deft mouse control skills are vital as you attempt to strike down your enemies in a precise manner.

Good angle judgement, a sense of urgency, and sharp decision making skills are also important as you must prioritize which bad guys to target — and when.

The action of firing your arrows and missiles requires timing, power judgement, and an appreciation of angles and trajectory.

Head to Head Soccer is an awesome, high-energy, bobble-head, football-based skill game — playable on iOS or Android mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC!

In crazy 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 match-ups against the computer or your friends or family, you play as bobble-head caricatures of famous footballers, and must out-score your opponent in a game that combines the mayhem and fun of soccer, pinball, air hockey, volleyball, and table tennis all in one!

Skills required: This fun, addictive and highly stimulating, reactions-based ball game places great emphasis on sharp reflexes, visual skills, hand-eye coordination, timing, and your ability to react to a fast-moving ball in a confined space.

The sheer unpredictability of the ricocheting soccer ball means that you must be completely focused and concentrated at all times if you want to combine attack and defense to triumph over your opponent.

Online Flash Chess is a regular chess game played against the computer. You have to choose the playing mode first.

You can see the game history and a 'restart' button on the right side of the game screen. Good luck and have fun playing this fun and addicting game!

Move strategically! Boat Battles : Enjoy a classic battleship board game online. Play with the computer or with a friend on the same screen.

Place your battleships strategically and develop a good strategy for destroying your opponent's ships. Remember, you have 5 shots each go, so use them wisely!

Every time they get passed your towers, and go off the screen - you lose health. In this latest version of the popular tower defense game, you get to use a massive range of weird and wonderful weapons to halt the relentless bloon invasion!

This fun-tastic game requires tactical skill and ingenuity along with a mastery of bloon-blasting!

Have a go! See if you can handle this colorful and demanding task. This is definitely one of the coolest and most unique tower defense games out there!

It has some mind-blowing new features including all those classic towers from the previous versions, along with 8 awesome upgrades each, instead of 4.

There are also two brand new never before seen tower types to add even more variety to this bloon-bursting adventure!

There are even new types of bloons to deal with, so you need all the firepower you can get your hands on, to survive the onslaught! There are also some fun new tracks with moving parts and tunnels.

Like the earlier versions, there are 3 main game modes: Easy — where stuff is cheap and you have lives and 50 rounds to pass, Medium — where stuff is fairly priced and you have lives and 60 rounds to pass and Hard — where stuff is expensive and you only have lives and 75 rounds to pass.

OK, ready for action? Remember, the more Bloons you destroy, the more virtual money you earn, enabling you to buy more weapons to destroy even more of these bloons!

This is an exceptional survival role-playing game online, and gives you a striking, first-hand insight into extreme rural poverty, and the hardships and challenges faced by the millions of starving, struggling farmers and families of developing nations.

In 3rd World Farmer, you have to make tough moral and survival decisions in order to provide for your underprivileged family, while enduring droughts, disease, poverty, corruption and war.

Will you accept virtual money to survive in return for storing chemical waste, and even housing terrorists? The Deal: Your proactive mission is to help the head of the family turn this small farm in a developing nation into a commercial success.

You must carefully budget and decide which crops to grow each year to sustain your family, and grow. There are several crops to choose from corn, wheat, cotton and peanuts , and some prove more risky than others, providing potentially large earnings or huge losses.

Make enough profit to invest in the necessary tools such as ploughs, harvesters and tractors to improve your crop yields.

Increase your capital by investing wisely in essential buildings such as sheds, wells and barns. But remember, all investments have associated risks; wells can dry up, barns can be destroyed, and livestock may be stolen.

Remember also - Do not become too greedy! Helicopter Parking Simulator is a challenging helicopter-flying simulation game where you have to park different types of helicopters using slick piloting skills.

Or you can choose a checkpoint race and complete missions in time. You earn points for every successful mission and you can use those points to purchase better helicopters.

Das garantiert dir eine flexible Gestaltung deines Gameplays, vor allem wenn du ein ehrgeiziger Strategie- oder Aufbauspieler bist. Dank der mobilen Spiele erwarten dich viele Stunden Spielvergnügen auf deinem Smartphone oder Tablet!

Je nach Geschmack findet sich hier für jeden Spieler das passende Vergnügen. Zocke dich durch aufregende Spielewelten, knacke den Highscore in einem Ballerspiel oder gehe als wahrer Held aus einem Strategiespiel hervor.

Das ist auch nicht weiter verwunderlich, denn die Welt der Strategie-Games bietet abwechslungsreiche PC-Spiele mit den unterschiedlichsten Settings und Storys - da ist für jeden Spiele-Liebhaber das richtige Spiel dabei, egal ob du gerne in einer mittelalterlich angehauchten Fantasy-Welt epische Kämpfe austragen willst oder lieber eine virtuelle Stadt aufbauen und gegen Feinde verteidigen möchtest.

Entdecke die Vielfalt der Ballerspiele und finde dein neues Lieblings-Game - egal ob du lieber in einem Multiplayer-Game mit anderen Mitspielern gemeinsame Sache machst oder alleine einen Kampf gegen den Computer bestreiten willst.

Die Welt des Sports hält wohl für jeden die passende Sportart bereit. Doch auch wenn du dich gerade nicht körperlich auf dem Spielfeld auspowerst, kannst du in die Sportwelt eintauchen - und zwar mit einem der unzähligen Sportspiele, in denen du die verschiedensten Sportarten ganz bequem vor deinem PC oder auch deiner Konsole spielen kannst.

Und auch wenn du lieber beim Billard eine ruhige Kugel schieben willst oder dir der Sinn nach einer gediegenen Partie Golf steht, warten die entsprechenden Games bereits auf dich!

Vom Brettspiel über Klassiker wie Mahjong und diverse Kartenspiele bis hin zu Bubble-Games hält die Kategorie der Denkspiele eine Vielzahl an abwechslungsreichen und unterschiedlichen Games bereit.

Bringe deine kleinen grauen Zellen zum Rauchen und knoble, was das Zeug hält! Bei unseren Denkspielen ist strategisches Geschick ebenso gefragt wie die richtige Taktik.

Denksport am PC oder auch am Smartphone - dafür stehen unsere coolen Denkspiele, die auch dich in ihren Bann ziehen werden.

Du bist ein Games-Fan und möchtest am liebsten sofort loszocken? Dann entdecke die bunte Spiele-Welt von Coolespiele.

Bei uns findest du die besten Browsergames, aber auch super Mobile Games. Hier gibt es für jeden Spiele-Fan das richtige Game, ganz egal ob du lieber actiongeladene Ballerspiele zockst oder am liebsten in einem Farmspiel deinen eigenen Bauernhof leitest.

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OK Weitere Informationen. Toggle navigation. Bubbles Spiele. Alle Ballerspiele. Alle Kriegsspiele. Alle Strategiespiele.

Alle Themenspiele. Star Citizen - eine der erfolgreichsten Kickstarter-Kampagnen überhaupt.

Auch in der digitalen Variante geht es darum, die Schiffe Seeschlacht Spiele Gegners zum Untergehen zu Merkur Spielothek Bielefeld und zu erraten, wo sie sich befinden. Download: Armada Online. Bei uns findest du Tausende an coolen Spielen für deinen Browser, aber auch für dein Smartphone oder Tablet. Abonniere unseren monatlichen Newsletter! Download: Gunz The Duel. Download: Flyff - Fly for Fun. Welche werden am häufigsten gespielt? Mit der Nutzung unserer Dienste erklären Sie sich damit einverstanden, das wir Cookies verwenden. Welche Spiele sind Book Of Ra 60 Freispiele Gamern besonders beliebt? Hier findet ihr die App. Legt euer Gegenüber schachmatt! Komische Insel. Von Roboterkriegern über unheimliche Labyrinthen bis hin zu magischen Königreichen ist für jeden etwas dabei. Somit stellt diese Spielart genau genommen eine Unterkategorie der eigentlichen Browsergames dar. Weitere Informationen dazu findest du in unseren Datenschutz-Richtlinien. Love Test.

Coole Online Spiele - SpielAffe: Deine Welt der Onlinespiele - All for free.

Doch auch wenn du dich gerade nicht körperlich auf dem Spielfeld auspowerst, kannst du in die Sportwelt eintauchen - und zwar mit einem der unzähligen Sportspiele, in denen du die verschiedensten Sportarten ganz bequem vor deinem PC oder auch deiner Konsole spielen kannst. Abonniere unseren Newsletter! Weiter gehts mit einem klassischen Kartenspiel, welches ihr hier findet: Phase 1o! Bloons Turmverteidigung 4. Coole Online Spiele


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